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Pets for Sale

We have a large selection of pets that need a loving home. Come visit our pet store to find your new best friend.

Gold Fish

Freshwater Fish

We stock fish for anything from a 5 to 30 gallon tank. Visit us for angel fish, mollies, cichlids, bettas, goldfish, and feeder goldfish. We can special order fish too.

Two small frogs on a branch


We offer pac man frogs and tree frogs at our store.


Mice & Rats

We have mice and rats of all sizes available as pets or feeders, both live and frozen.

Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs

We offer an assorted variety of young guinea pigs. Additionally, we sometimes have owner surrender guinea pigs.



We offer a variety of hamsters sized from small to large; everything from dwarf hamsters to Syrian hamsters.



We offer leopard geckos, crested geckos, and bearded dragons.



We offer baby ball pythons and baby corn snakes. They are fed frozen, not live, at our store.


Special Orders

We can special order ferrets, chincillas, rabbits, and gerbils. Please call us to make an order.

Other Pets For Sale

Occasionally, we have ferrets or rabbits available to purchase without having to make a special order. We also partner with the Tuscarawas County Humane Society to host an adoptable cat at our pet store. Those interested in adopting a cat based at our store apply through the Humane Society.