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Transitioning Your Pet to a New Food

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There are many reasons for changing your pet’s food. For instance, their current food may not agree with them anymore, their nutritional needs change, they need to gain or lose weight, or you aren’t able to buy their favorite food anymore. When your pet is used to one type of food for so long, it may take time to find a new food that works for them. Here are some ways to help the transition run smoothly.

1. Introduce the new pet food over time.

Your pet’s digestive system needs time to adjust to new foods. Start by mixing a small amount of the new food in with their old food. Gradually, begin increasing the amount of new food and decreasing the amount of old food in the mix. Do this over the course of several days to a week, until your pet is eating the new food exclusively.

2. Be patient with your pet.

Not all pets adjust to new food at the same pace. If your pet is resistant, you’ll need extra patience to transition them to new food. You can try to give them the new food at different times of the day or present it in different ways. For instance, you can add broth to your dog’s dry food to make it more enticing.

3. Monitor your pet's reaction to the new food.

Sometimes certain foods bother our stomachs, or we just don’t like them. It’s no different with your pet. When introducing a new food, pay attention to how they are reacting and behaving. Particularly, be on the lookout for signs of digestive issues like diarrhea or vomiting. They may even refuse to eat the new food altogether. If this is the case, try slowing down the transition process or explore a different brand of food.

4. Talk to your veterinarian.

If your pet is struggling to adjust to new food, particularly because of digestive issues, consult with your veterinarian for advice on finding the right food for their health needs. If your pet already has an underlying health condition, it is especially important to speak to your veterinarian before trying new pet foods.

5. Be consistent with the food choice.

After your pet has successfully transitioned to a new food, don’t change it up again. Stick with it to make sure they don’t experience further digestive issues. If you do find yourself needing to change their food again in the future, be sure to follow these steps again to ensure a smooth transition.

6. Establish a feeding routine.

A feeding routine will help the transition process. Try to stick to the same schedule and be consistent through the whole process. This can help your pet feel more comfortable and make it easier for them to adjust to a new food.

7. Pay attention to portion sizes.

Your pet may not eat enough during the transition period. If this is the case, you may need to increase their portion size or try a different brand of food to ensure they get enough nutrition.

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